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Zomberina Contagion was born into the world of hungry companies, disillusioned people, and unspoken ideas in 2006. After wandering aimlessly around in chat rooms and numerous social media outlets, in search of brains to eat and absorb useful knowledge from, she finally planted her first headstone on a small website called Since that fateful day two years ago, she has written many small essays about atheism, tragedies in the world, and the effects of religious belief in everyday world events. She has also given her general opinion on her favorite horror movies.

She is currently writing two novels. One that will be released in the late Spring of 2015 is entitled Sainted. A work of historical fiction set in 14th century Serbia that follows a pious prince whose decisions about his eternal soul end up changing the entire face of his country for centuries to follow.

In time for Christmas 2014, her novel called Christ’s Rebellion will be released as an e-book. This novel will follow the struggles Judas Iscariot faced when realizing Jesus had struck a deal with Lucifer in order to push Christianity out of the shadow of the ruling Pharisees’ dominion over religious interpretation.
She lives in the United States, where she blogs at, as well as:
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Survived high school, got through college, and guess what! I still haven't figured out what I want to be when I grow up!