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I was born in 1969 and became an atheist at age 5. Yes, really! I was outside playing in the dirt and found a dead bug, which I then buried. The next day, while playing in the same spot, I decided to dig up the dead bug but could not find him. I told my mother that the bug was gone and asked why. She said that God took him to Heaven. I went back outside to play, troubled by this. All I could think of was that maybe I had dug in the wrong place or another bug had found the dead bug and hauled it away. I could not understand why my mother went straight to God and Heaven.

I never believed in anything religious going forward, even when I was in Sunday school as a teenager, too afraid to admit my true beliefs. I came out to my co-worker when I was 25 and have never been afraid of who I am and what I believe — or what I don’t believe.

At my wedding, I asked a friend who was a retired pastor to officiate but to be non-religious. He refused to divulge what he would do for the service, and we got nervous; luckily, a close friend officiated instead. I don’t want any nonbelievers to wish they could have had an officiant who could say nice things! I’m a professional writer, so if you need something nice said, I’ll be sure to give you that.


I’m a writer. I was a staff writer for the Bangor Daily News for nine years and have freelanced before and since, to such publications as Brutarian magazine and Uncle John’s Bathroom Reader.

I am also a fiction writer with about 70 stories in print in the U.S., UK, and Canada. And I am a small-press publisher who does mostly themed anthologies with speculative-fiction stories. My first anthology was Atheist Tales, which features stories that highlight the dangers of religion in society.