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  1. I am curious if the Church has a stance (official or otherwise) regarding theories about alternate universes, aliens, etc… I generally would say that unless adequate proof exists it is logical to assume it’s not real…but possible. I find not all atheistic beliefs fall into the category of “reasonable”. Plus it would be nice if I could mention to others what the 1CA ‘thinks’ as an entity if anything on the controversial issues for example: abortion and when “life” begins, stem cells and those issues I’d hate to propagate an inconsistent message

  2. I am noticing a surge of organizations(news channels, studies, etc) that are taking a closer look at the tax exemption churches get(brick and mortal, parsonages, etc.) Have you guys looked into what it would take to inform your many ministers on how they could achieve parsonages for their homes due to our affiliation with the church? Note that I do not bring this up to take advantage of something available, but rather to bring awareness to this issue to the point where we lose the privilege due to all churches losing it.

  3. I am a very new “convert”, as of this morning. I have listened to the CD Book
    titled: “The Gold Delusion” read by Richard Dawkins and Lalla Ward. Wonderful information for anyone, especially prior typical Christians, etc. It is 11 discs long
    taking up 14 hours. What an education!! Regards. Don

  4. My personal feelings about beliefs is if there isn’t proof of something, then it remains unknown. I may attach odds to beliefs, though, as in estimated probabilities.

  5. I’d also like to suggest “Letting Go of God”, by Julia Sweeney. It’s available on Netflix, or audio only on YouTube. It’s a hilarious story of her voyage of discovery that led to Atheism. (She actually READ the bible, you see…)

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