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A search for Truth is the single thread tying atheist, religious, secular

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The Truth is the idea held by those with the most influence. The Truth in itself is not what is important because obviously, the Truth can change overnite with a new discovery or advance, or rejection of such previous ideas thought to be the…

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Help me understand

Submitted By: Mike Walker

If a human father let his son die on a cross and he had the power to stop it. The world would think very badly of him. A god can let his son suffer and die on a cross and you praise him. A book can tell stories that god has killed more people than all the massmurders in history and you still praise him….

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Atheist thinks it would be fun to be christian

Submitted By: Mike Walker

Christian’s have it made. They can do anything they want and God will forgive them to do it again. They can kill, rape, commit adultry. If They don’t follow any of the 10 commandments god will forgive them. I don’t have anyone like that. I have to be good all the time. Prisons are full of believers in god. You would think society would be free…

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Why we must talk about atheism in the open?

Submitted By: Being Human

It is quite reasonable to ask why active atheists are often spending their time just opposing something. Atheists are not bringing any new ideology to replace the religions. They just claim that people can live a fuller and freer life without the reigns of religions.

Why am I spending my precious time writing these words? I could as well leave the whole business and just admit…

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The Bible, God, and the Constitution

Submitted By : Frederick H. Spoerl

There has been a lot of misinformation about what role religion played in the history of our great country, from many who claim that our constitution was inspired by Christianity… Here are a few facts that you might not have known.

The United States was the first nation in history to introduce the separation of church and state. The Christian principles that the Puritan…

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Where are the Cathedrals

Submitted by: variable Check out his Website

When I think of an Atheist Church I think of a beautiful ornate building with stained glass impressions of Marie Curie, Charles Darwin, and images of how evolution may have happened. I think of karaoke being sung by hundreds of intelligent informed atheists in a huge building aglow with the energy of interesting lectures and interactive community games. So, if this is…

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