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Man, I just watched Super Nanny and the tears are fresh in my eyes. Tonights show was about a woman with two small children who just lost her husband. Watching her grieve and come to terms with being a single parent was heart breaking. Listening to her vocalize the loss and despair she had for her life that could of been, for the man who should have raised her…

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Saturday night

Submitted by: Pixel_Cat

Well, it’s Saturday night. I have been 28 for 2 official days now. I am writing this before I get started on a wild evening of drinking games and Rock Band (cue the nerd comments). If things go right….there will be people sleeping on my floor, the guest bedroom, and possibly the bathroom floor, but hey, who hasn’t been there. I have junk food out the ying…

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when a child is born

By: Shoom

In the company I work in Serbia (I am not sure if it is about the state law or just corporate practice) I get two days of payed leave, and an additional day – for baptism ! Of course, probably some other similiar religious acts get this kind of treatment, but if you are an atheist, your child will be having you spent a day less with family,…

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Ministries…? Ordaining…? Ceremonies…? CHURCH?!

Dear people, congrats and all my respect for embracing reason over an Invisible Man in the Sky and a talking snake… but why in the world would you want to imitate a church? And perform ceremonies?

Seriously, not meaning to be a troll or anything, but I am really, truly baffled by all this. In my mind, all that you (well, or “we”, since by subscribing, I became a…

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How’s your ministry going?

I haven’t gotten to perform any ceremonies yet, but I have enlightened a lot of people about atheism. It’s amazing how much misunderstanding there is about atheism. If my ministry has done nothing else, it has at least shown a few people that atheists can be decent normal human beings and that we do have morals. So far the most common questions have been about evolution and morals. So…

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Ohio teacher burnss crosses into students to make them embrace christianity

Submitted By: Gregor Mendel I don’t have much more to say except to post this link and bring up this topic. I was speechless when I saw this article. It is brief, but addresses the major question: is it right to raise children with a particular religious background…. and is it right to force beliefs upon people via mutilation as punishment? I say no…

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