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Catastrophe Strikes

I’m sorry to announce that we have had our first catastrophe here at the First Church of Atheism.

We had a database error that deleted almost all of our minister list and profiles. We have a system in place that backs up all changes to the database every 24 hours. It saves everything to a separate hard drive, in a different computer, in a completely different location. Until now,…

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The Forums are here!

You guys asked so here it is. Let me know if there are any problems, their still in beta. So click on Forum and check it out. We need ideas on the structure (what to name different forums, etc.) so let us know and enjoy

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How’s your ministry going?

I haven’t gotten to perform any ceremonies yet, but I have enlightened a lot of people about atheism. It’s amazing how much misunderstanding there is about atheism. If my ministry has done nothing else, it has at least shown a few people that atheists can be decent normal human beings and that we do have morals. So far the most common questions have been about evolution and morals. So…

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First Church of Atheism opens a church in Second Life!

We took the plunge and built a church over in Second Life. It’s small but nice, with a modern feel about it. Details on how to find us at the bottom of this article.

For those who don’t know. Second Life is a thriving online simulated world. Complete with land ownership, currency, creation/purchase/sale of objects, and of course interaction with other live online people. Millions of…

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Growing up Faithless

Written by: Jacki McMaster

When I was an infant, my parents had me baptized. They didn’t want to, but my Grandmother insisted. They agreed to her wishes, because neither of them was very for or against religion.

My mother was raised Christian, Methodist to be specific. The church never felt like home to her. She always told me, “It’s silly to think that you have to go to a specific…

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Nanotech news with No magic nessesary

According to futurist Ray Kurzweil, nano-factories could be providing you and your family with meals, medicines, and most essentials by as early as mid-2020s.

A recent government report, “Nanotechnology: the Future is Coming Sooner Than You Think” outlined when we can expect nano-products to enter the consumer market:

2000-2005 – mostly passive nano items were developed during this period, including sunscreens, tennis rackets, stain/water-resistant clothing, and other high-tech products.

2005-2010 – active…

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