Calling all lawyers, attorneys, Counsel, Barristers even!

It’s not that we need legal help at this time, sorry to excite you. But it would probably be smart to line something up now, just in case

If you are an attorney, and an atheist maybe you would like to pledge your support. Maybe we can send a little business your way, we love supporting atheist businesses. We won’t ask much of you, maybe a quick question here or there, but probably nothing at all.

So think about it. Tell your atheist attorney friend. Drop us an email


Man, I just watched Super Nanny and the tears are fresh in my eyes. Tonights show was about a woman with two small children who just lost her husband. Watching her grieve and come to terms with being a single parent was heart breaking. Listening to her vocalize the loss and despair she had for her life that could of been, for the man who should have raised her kids and stood beside her made me reflect on what I am thankful for. I believe that with the holiday season approaching there is no better time.

With Thanksgiving right around the corner my son keeps bringing home the typical school crafts. I have gotten turkeys made of paper, poems about pilgrims, and a list of what he’s thankful for. His list is cute and innocent, thanks for my family, my toys, my friends…etc. My list is amazingly similiar.

I think about my whole family…my grandparents, thanks for choosing to come to America. My uncles and aunts, thanks for playing monster can’t get us and for giving me wonderful cousins to grow up with. My parents for raising me in an artistic and open-minded household. My little sister, thank you for being my sounding board and the biggest pain in my ass. My husband, thank you for being my perfect fit, the most attentive and loving man I have had the chance to know, for being a great father and supporting our family. My oldest son, thank you for being so sweet and helping me daily with minimal complaint. And my youngest son, thank you for reminding me to have patience, for little kisses when I get an owie, and showing me that messy is okay.

I love my house with all it’s gadgets and comforts. My fridge full of food and an extra one in the garage for overstock. My animals for being warm and soft, even my evil bird for making sweet noises in the morning. I am sitting in a warm house, wrapped in a fluffy white robe, full after dinner, watching New Orleans winning on my giant television. Knowing that my son has just gone to sleep in his own room with a big blanket and some stuffed toys while the other watches a movie in our room makes me happy. It also makes me realize that there are many who don’t get to enjoy any of the above.

Earlier this month I started helping my mother to prepare for a fundraiser for our local science museum. Last night was the culmination of all that hard work. I’m not sure of the total yet but am pretty sure that almost a million was raised. All that money is slated for youth programs and scholarships. I feel good knowing that we helped contribute to a childs education.

My husband and I decided earlier this year to get our kids involved in community work. We thought about opportunities that our family would be able to volunteer for. My husband and I give blood and the kids have helped hand out juice. We have collected food for local pantries and my son has made a basket for a needy family. There is a giant dinner for the homeless next week that we are hoping to help with. Our local library was just rebuilt and is always looking for reading buddies and part time helpers.

I believe that as a family, especially a religion free family, that we should get out there and help our fellow human beings. Opportunities arise everyday to help others, they help us all in the long run. Maybe your time and services will help someone else be thankful this year. The market for charity is not cornered by churches. If you have the time, get yourself out there, get your children out there, make a difference and if anyone says god bless you, say, “No blessing from god, just good will for my fellow man.”

Saturday night

Submitted by: Pixel_Cat

Well, it’s Saturday night. I have been 28 for 2 official days now. I am writing this before I get started on a wild evening of drinking games and Rock Band (cue the nerd comments). If things go right….there will be people sleeping on my floor, the guest bedroom, and possibly the bathroom floor, but hey, who hasn’t been there. I have junk food out the ying yang, coolers are full, and a new play list is ready in the iPod. We’re good to go.

I reflect on my life, 28 whole years. I think about being 16 and just knowing I was never going to have kids, get married, hell, reach 23. Wow….Here I am, 2 kiddos, a great hubby, and closer to 30 than 23. I also reflect on the ups and downs, the fights I’ve had with people, the ones I won…..and the ones I lost. I reflect on my path to rational thinking.

I wasn’t raised in a religious household, hell, my mom claimed wicca while my father was ex-catholic. I grew up in a small Texas town, informed (for the first time) that I was going to hell at 8 yrs old, and painfully aware of dead deer heads as decorations. I love my little town tho, on the most part, people were nice, neighbors knew each other, and the kids played till the sun went down. Now when that sun went down, how do you prolong the playing? Sleep-overs, that way you can giggle all night and eat junk food. I could only have sleep-overs on Friday nights, why not Saturdays you ask? Well Sunday morning services of course.

It never failed that the well intentioned parent of my friend would say, “We can just take her to church with us in the morning.” My mom would say thanks but no thanks (so very Palin of her). I hated not getting that Saturday night of freedom, scary movies, crazy make-up, and boy talk. I remember thinking, I will totally go to church if I could just spend the night. In hindsight I say, “Thank you mom, thanks for sparing me that lil bit of insanity.”

Even tho I missed out on those Saturday nights, my life has been good, it’s been fun, it’s been informative. Do you want to know what makes it even better…??? The fact that it’s Saturday night and I’m having a sleepover. I can watch all the scary movies I want, talk about boys and S..E..X too. Damn, I might just break out the makeup. The icing on my birthday cake tho….. we can sleep in on Sunday. SAKE BOMB!!!!