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Bed jumping BANNED in the US!!!

Don’t ask me how I found this out but…

We are able to be the first to report that the practice of “bed jumping” has been banned by most major US hotel chains today.

“Bed jumping” is a new internet sensation where people take photos of each other in funny mid-air poses while jumping up and down on hotel beds. The practice has lead the members of US Hospitality Trade…

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By Rev. David McMahan

Tis the season again, for two months of pain and misery that fill me with rage and bitterness for every Jesus lover out there.  I hate this holiday and anything related to it.  This is the king of all holidays, which pretty much starts the day after Halloween and doesn’t stop until 2 weeks after New Years Day.  I used to love the holiday, I even…

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An Agnostic in Waiting

By Faith Hamby

It’s hard to pinpoint the moment I went from a Catholic-raised schoolgirl to something more.

When I was younger, I was so affected by the stories told during Catholic services that I’d often cry when I thought of the pain Jesus had gone though. I know now it wasn’t because he had sacrificed himself for my sins, but because he had always seemed like a real person to…

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In God We Trust

By Rev. Chris Andersen

Throughout the course of my wanderings, the subject of religion and government has occasionally reared its head in discussions with friends, family, classmates, etc. While talking about the merits and negatives of including “In God We Trust” on our currency, I noticed a common statement: “It’s just four words. What does it matter?” The same is said concerning the phrase “One Nation Under God” in…

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Contest Time!

Author and Reverend CJ Werleman, an ordained minister here at our church, has written a book: God Hates You, Hate Him Back. It will be released on November 23rd. He has generously donated 3 copies of his book for us to give away, so we’re having a contest! Simply write and submit an article for our blog, and the best 3 entries will be awarded a…

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Happy Anniversary, FCA

Today is the 2 year anniversary of the First Church of Atheism. In 2 years we have ordained over 1600 people! Congratulations everyone, maybe we can hit 3,000 by our third anniversary!

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