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Atheist wedding

I was asked a while back what I would say at an atheist wedding and at the time I didn’t really know what to say. I was pondering the other day about exactly how I would go about performing an atheist wedding. What would I say? My wife and I had written our own vows for our wedding and I don’t really know what a normal wedding is like….

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How’s your ministry going?

I haven’t gotten to perform any ceremonies yet, but I have enlightened a lot of people about atheism. It’s amazing how much misunderstanding there is about atheism. If my ministry has done nothing else, it has at least shown a few people that atheists can be decent normal human beings and that we do have morals. So far the most common questions have been about evolution and morals. So…

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A new atheist minister is available in Loveland, OH

Great news! Another Atheist Minister is available to perform ceremonies in and around: Loveland, OH! Rev. Travis Cavanaugh is ready to serve all your needs.

Find a minister in your town on our “Ministers in your area” page! links at the top and right of every page.

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