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Atheism is the belief there is no god the word atheism originated from the Greek (atheos), meaning “without god”. Atheists tend to be sceptical of supernatural claims, citing a lack of empirical evidence. And the best explanation so far for why the natural world looks the way it does is the theory of evolution first put forward by Charles Darwin

Evolution is the process by which a population or species change over time to better there survival in an environment, this is a fundamental part of biological studies. Some critics say Darwin’s studies were only a theory and have no creditability. When people refer to the theory in this way they suggest is only a guess. Evolutionary studies are not guess work but scientifically proven study. Some argue with the lack of a missing link disproves man evolution. Even though fossils have been found some religion say man was created by intelligent design. The alternate explanation to this is what if a race of intergalactic genetic engineers visited earth and decided it would benefit for a race of logical and problem solving mammals and genetically alter some of the primate species to create what we are today if enough people believed that then you have an alternative religion. Even with the lack of evidence and same theory can be applied to man was created in gods image (imago dei).


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  1. These are some thoughts on religion and the after life.
    I thought of these while waiting for class.

    the more we live life, the more we realize that the end is what we fear. when we are young life seems endless. school seems like our biggest fear. but the more we age the thought of death comes to mind.
    what will happen when i die, will i be saved? or will i be cast down for my sins?The problem is that I feel that way now. 17, an Athiest and wondering about death and the after life. the bible has been around for a long time yet I don’t see it as a way to live life. If being a faithful christain is the only way of being saved what happend to the cavemen who lived befor the time of faith? Is there only one true religion that will promise our ticket to heaven? or is the fact that you belive good enough? Faith is the #1 cause of war on earth. does killing someone in the name of the lord make the act holy? it is still murder, but you did it in the name of the lord. Hitler said in Mien Kampf that he had a holy right to protect himself against the jews. so is hitler in hell or heaven? the people who started the cursades, the spanish inquistition, and the middle eastern wars, are they in heaven? And if so why? I haven’t killed anyone, i havent read the bible, i have sinned but I’m going to hell while hilter, could possibly be in heaven?

    Thank you for reading,
    Rev. Jake McKinney

  2. thank you rev. jake for your comment i am writing a paper on atheism and the short falls of religion and would like to use your comment as a reference of a other athiest on religion and the confusion it causes please comment back or contact me if is ok to use your comment

    Rev. mark taylor

  3. The following is my opinion

    I think that Atheism is worshiping your Humanity.
    Understanding whats around you in a unbias way; instead of
    using the excuse “Because God wanted it that way”. Atheism
    is the general belief in yourself and the people who share
    the same planet as you. We should embrace the people who think
    different, instead of telling them that they will recive and
    ultimate punishment. If someone didn’t think different we would
    still be running around naked with sticks and rocks trying to
    beat one another for fun.

    So what I’m Getting at in this little rant of mine is:
    Atheism: Worshiping your humanity and understanding your place
    in the univers without the guidance of a God.

    Please excuse any Gramatical errors.

  4. Maybe you WERE the only two active members, but I just joined.

    For me Atheism is not WORSHIPPING anything, but recognizing our lives are indeed finite, and it only possible through ourselves and our environment that we can make the best of what our lives.

    If we understand there is no luck, no god, no fate or other guiding force in the universe, we can work towards the life we desire. Be it a life of hatred, or a life of love, a life of compassion, or a life of coldness… We are the ultimate drive of our lives (though forces of the world may alter our destination).

  5. Hi rev. Jake sorry not been on for while how’s you? Hi rev. Antony i believe you and rev. Jake are right atheism like religion has its different belief and theory’s And also luck is not a guiding force its achievement of something which had a very low probability of happening.

  6. The thing I like most about Atheism is that there is no right or wrong, wether its just beliving in no god, or beliving in humanity. It can go either way, the athiests I have meet are glad to hear different opinions, instead of casting you down like a heathen.
    Remember, all of my comments are made while I’m board in high school. 🙂 Mark I will gladly add you on face book.

  7. I have another story/ question about religion. In 2003 my great grand father was in the hospital the same time my girlfriends father and uncle were in an accident which proved fatal for them both. My great grand father was an outright athiest and the whole family disapproved, but he said this when he heard of the deaths of the brothers, “See, this is why I’m an atheist. I’m old and ready to die and he takes those two young men whose families need them.” This makes a lot of sence to me but when I ask about it people say “when its your time to go, he takes you.” this makes no sence. Why would god kill two productive fathers from families that need them? From what i have learned and heard god is a dick.

    Please post comments.

  8. Exactly. I understand other religions and i don’t care what religion your believe in. I think this should work the other way to, I’m an Atheist so don’t force your religion on me….I got called the devil in the 5th grade, kinda ruined all my friendships. its cool now though, people realized that they can’t argue against me.

  9. Rather than try to nit-pick with the absurdity of the ID argument, I generally try to nudge folk in the direction of Ockham’s razor in that regard.

    Could man have been intelligently designed? Well, yes. It’s, at least, a reasonable postulate. The more important question is this; is intelligent design necessary for man to arise? The answer is no. Natural selection (the mechanism proposed by Charles Darwin in On The Origin Of Species, the idea of evolution wasn’t new to him only the mechanism by which it occurred) does the job perfectly without invoking any deity or other intelligent force. This makes the addition of a god or aliens or anything else superfluous. Ockham’s razor tells us we can cut those bits out, keep the rest, and the theory still works.

    It would be a different matter, however, if we discovered direct evidence which suggested that there was some kind of intelligent intervention. At that point, we’d have to include some kind of intelligent aspect to the theory. Since there is none, I’ll stick with ‘superfluous’ and trim any attempt to dilute my natural selection with intelligent design.

  10. All of this is grand. Personally however I view the afterlife as retirement, as your life becomes meaningless. If you invest your money, eat well and stay healthy (all things that many religous texts agree with) then your afterlife will be splendid.

    Death is not a thing, the fact that we have life and thought is a wonderful chance, and we should live each moment happy we have such things. Thinking about the end of your life is like stressing about that law school exam that you may or may not take five, ten, twenty years from now.

  11. in terms of afterlife I always quote the scientific law of conservation of mass, matter and energy cannot be destroyed. So in essence the matter and energy that make a human being lives on and changes form once the body dies. What our energy becomes is still a mystery and I believe death shall be a great scientific adventure so I will never fear it. I will embrace the life and death that are a part of the life cycle of our great universe.

  12. I’d argue the opening statement of “Atheism is the belief there is no god” isn’t what a lot of Atheists would agree as the modern definition. The assertion or belief there is no god is a bit short sighted, simply for the fact it’s one of those things that can’t be dis-proven. However, it’s more apt to say that an atheist rejects theistic claims. Using the prefix “a” to mean “negative” or “not”. Because who knows, however extremely unlikely, they might be right.

  13. I remember, over fifty years ago when I was in the Army, being ordered to march into the camp church with my platoon. I refused, and was told to report to the Company CSM who ordered me to sweep out the hanger. As it was an ex-RAF camp at Felixstowe it was a pretty large hanger!!!

    The fear of death nourishes all religions. Mark Twain, the great American humorist once said:-
    “I was dead in 1066, but it didn’t inconvenience me any!”

    I can’t say that I respect any religion. There is a very strong ethos of respect for the beliefs of others embedded within liberal western thought. This respect is quite misplaced. It’s a form of courtesy, but is neither appreciated nor deserved by believers, who on the whole, feel that it is a marker of their devotion to a deity to reject reason and evidence in favour of a belief system that specifically CANNOT not be proved. The salvation-by-faith-alone brigade would be horrified to be offered definitive proof of the existence of God – it would take away the central function of faith. Before churches starting being afraid that science would prove the non-existence of God, they were far more afraid that it might prove the opposite.

    Yes, it would be difficult to prove that a god didn’t exist. About as difficult as proving that Santa Claus, the tooth fairy or the Jolly Green Giant didn’t exist!

  14. Atheism puts me on a track to success , endless motivation and inspiration .

    My only wish is to try on my spiritual “seven mile boots” and cement Atheism into everyones mind .

    “Atheism on sci-fi like steroids ” if you will .

    A completely new understanding and language based on timeprogression of atheistic principles over hundreds of years ,(thousands ‘d be 2 much )

    Ignostic greetings .

    IgnostU (also on Youtube)

  15. Michael if you read my blog you will find the opening statement only starts with that it goes on to say: the word atheism originated from the Greek (atheos), meaning “without god”. Atheists tend to be sceptical of supernatural claims.

  16. To me, being an atheist allows me to consider questions like ‘Where is mankind heading’ without pretending that its a happily ever after in heaven story.
    Seriously, if mankind is to survive for many thousands of years we need a plan. Not a plan for salvation and death, but a plan to save our planet and change our beliefs to allow man to live.
    Religion has most people confused and convinced that death is normal and natural so the just ignore the future. Without thinking of the future mankind is condemning any of our children to a world of hate, murder, war, starvation and pollution. If we are truly caring people we need to help others see the need to plan ahead so the earth will be a good place to live.

    All the best

  17. I love it. I am now an official atheist. lol anyone can feel free to friend me on facebook. I love the group—theist atheist agnostic complete free speech forum and also the group—wall of separation. if you are an atheist who loves free speech and freedom to talk about religion without getting kicked out of a group you will love the first group I mentioned. I do love those debates and discussions. best of wishes to all other atheists and your own personal journey. be brave and have a great life if I never get to talk to you personally.

    Reverend Donna Douglas

  18. Hi all sorry not been online for a while how’s u rev. Jake and welcome to rev. Donna feel free to add me on facebook mark ratboy taylor and will add to our FCA Facebook group

    Best wish to all
    And remember believe what you want to believe

    Rev. Mark ian taylor

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