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  1. Raised in the Christian home I know the power that a believe in God has to change and build values, but in time the errors in the foundation of God the Bible make themselves know and there goes the believe in God and also the values that faith has. I don’t think building values on a religious God is a good way to go about building values. (Open to ideas)

  2. I would like to thank this wonderful organization for providing a way in which I could become ordained, in an intellectually honest way, so that I may officiate ceremonies of importance to my loved ones. Next week I will be performing my first marriage ceremony for my sister-in-law and a few weeks after that, I will be performing another for some dear friends of mine.

    Thanks again,
    Brett Lee

  3. I was married in a christian manner even though i’m an atheist, atleast now i will be able to ensure others do not have to go through that.

  4. Atheism is not in any sense a belief system, to assert it so is indifferent of its understood definition and its contrast included. I fret in a world in which this parody of a Church is taken seriously.

  5. i agree with rev brett lee and colby i myself was raised around religion. yet i strongly believe in atheism and i am currently writing an paper a atheism and the it status in a religion ruled world. and would like to invite any of my fellow reverend to contribute by tell there experiences and beliefs surrounding atheism. and to answer Hji this site is real and just as relivent as a christain, jewish, sikh, buddist or hindu site please respect peoples beliefs as they are to respect yours thanks

    contact: ratboymt@gmail.com

  6. @Hji
    As stated in the Info section, this site is no joke. This is a real church, with real members.

    @Magic Jew
    A church is a gathering of people who share the same belief system. So this is a real church. With a name like Magic Jew, your a parody my friend.

  7. We could build an internet church for all to attend live gatherings of atheist. An internet domain would allow for unmatched flexibility for gatherings, I use the tem in plural because it doesn’t have to be just one gathering a week we could gather hourly, daily, weekly. It would not just include the entire country but the world, and any minister could volunteer to lead a gathering at any time. It’s flexible on many levels. I went to college online at the University of Phoenix, I have a bachelors degree in project management. 4 years of online college has convinced me that the internet is the most flexible way to gather world wide. Can anyone here build an internet domain something like google hangouts and attach that to this web site?

  8. Id love to know if any work is being done to get us tax exempt status? Wanting to build a congregation in my area but would have to spend for advertising which I wouldn’t mind if it was tax exempt.

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