New minister available in California

Great news! Another atiest minister is available to perform ceremonies in and around Redondo Beach California. Rev. Graham Duke is ready to serve all your needs.

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G. Willis Duke

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  1. Hi,

    How do you convert to Atheism? I am currently a Roman Catholic and I want to convert to Atheism because I do not believe in God. Please respond.

    Brian Hardy

  2. Brian…there are many websites that you can go to concerning atheism….If I were you, I would type in “Atheism, and the recovering Catholic”….go from there…..Brian, also, remember, this is a journey to logic and reason….and it may very well take some time for you to de-convert…just depends on you personally…also, the best book out there for you is called “godless”, by Dan Barker….a former Christian Pastor, who talks about atheism, and his road to unbelief…and how it changed his life for good!…’s available in paperback….online, or at your fav bookstore…..good luck, and let me know if I can help you further!…Rev. Charles J. Beckman

  3. Brian,

    If you already do not believe in God, then you are already an Atheist. 🙂

    To get officially recognized as having left the church though, in order to keep them from counting you as a member of the church, you need to write to your parish and formally declare your separation from the Church. In some cases they will want you to meet with a priest before making the decision, but otherwise they will send you a letter of acknowledgement.


  4. Brian,

    One does not necessarily convert to atheism but one can deconvert from Catholicism. I helped a friend do it before. You need to file a formal act of defection from the Catholic Church (an Actus formalis defectionis ab Ecclesia catholica), it needs to be a written and signed statement declaring that of sound body and mind you no longer wish to be a part of the Catholic church. Once signed you need a witness to sign as well, date it and then send it to the parish where you were baptized and/or confirmed. If need be you can send it to the bishop in the diocese. Remember to keep a copy of it for your records and in case the church decides to give you the run around.

    It’s important to do this because without it the Catholic church still counts you as one of them for their membership numbers.

    -Rev. Kenneth M. Montville D.D.

  5. I am a new Minister in Phoenix, AZ Maricopa County. I am looking forward to preforming weddings, baby naming, commitment ceremonies and funerals. Let me know if I can help you de-convert from religion using the beauty of science as a means of understanding our world.

  6. Well, looks like I’m the new minister for the Sacramento area. If you want to be an atheist, the best thing to do would be to sever the ties you have with the organization you’re apart of now. end your membership and quit going. Ending the membership would be the most important thing. To me, that’d be like trying to quit drinking while maintaining employment at a bar.
    Also, get your hands on some amazing books out there about atheism. My personal favorite is God, No! from Penn Jillette. He has a way of simplifying things to where even the dumbest person could understand you.

  7. There should be a place where athiests meet.. I live in the bay area of California and my family is hardcore catholic! I became agnostic at the age of 10 and I declared myself atheist at around 13 but I was too chicken to tell anyone since I am surrounded by catholics 24/7. But that has changed and I now stand up for it.. about a month and a half ago I went to Mexico (home of the catholics) for my cousin’s wedding since I wasa bridesmaid and my mom took advantage and before the wedding she told the priest that I was a nonbeliever.. he obviously got anal and he told me that if I was closing myself from god, I was closing myself from the truth and reality. But mister, you live in a temple!! And I’d like to do the same with my mom but vise versa.. she doesn’t take me seriously since I’m barely a senior in highschool and she says that I don’t know what I want at this age and I’m just confused (bt I’m not).. help

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