To make this easy
god = whatever your religion’s deity
satan = whatever your religion’s evil person
bible = whatever your religion’s holiest book

Religion is a wonderful thing, that everybody should embrace and believe.
4000 years ago.

But this is 2009. And the vital role religion once played has been replaced by science. The truth is we don’t need an explanation for where thunder comes from or why sky twinkles at night anymore. And we certainly don’t need moral guidance from sources that time and time again prove to be corrupt, hate filled, and narrow minded.

What we need is a scientific community willing to step up to the plate. One willing to be proactive in politics, in the local community, and one on one with the people. What we need is a populous willing to pitch in, in the name of science. What we need are more television programs with scientists explaining where we are and where we could go. What we need are regular local meetings where the scientific community listens to the questions the people have, and then comes back with real answers. What we need are organized efforts in politics to counter the pro-religious influence. What we need is rational thinking based alternatives to churches, religious holidays, bibles, missionaries, private schools, and community support groups.

What we need is to show that religion isn’t the best answer, or the safe answer. It is the exact opposite! It holds you back and keeps you in fear. it shuts your mind to the world as it really is. and limits your ability to live happy, or benefit humanity.

What we need are role models in high places and small. Willing to stand up and say “I don’t believe. And I don’t need to. I am an intelligent and moral person because I choose to be”. What we need is to show how many we are, and the good we do everyday. To let believers know that they are welcome with us, and give them the tools and support to believe in themselves for a change.

Thank You
Reverend Paul J. McMaster