By Rev. David McMahan

Tis the season again, for two months of pain and misery that fill me with rage and bitterness for every Jesus lover out there.  I hate this holiday and anything related to it.  This is the king of all holidays, which pretty much starts the day after Halloween and doesn’t stop until 2 weeks after New Years Day.  I used to love the holiday, I even have white christmas lights (due to lack of another name) up in my room year round, I like the way snow looks, etc…  I hate this holiday for many reasons which I will now list for you.

1. the religious aspect:
    A. It takes the original pagan holiday “Yule” and turns it into something the catholic/christian church finds acceptable. 
    B. The holiday seems to be more about Santa Claus than about the birth of the deity of the religion that bastardized it in the first place.

    C. It lies to children, I hate liars (although it does give us a great piece of ammunition when people say god exists, equating him to Santa).

    D. It’s just another way for them to rub their religious beliefs in your face.  Also to any atheist here that say “merry christmas” what is wrong with you?  Stand by your religious disbeliefs and say happy winter solstice or something similar because I’d at least rather like to hear that out of you than what has been pounded into your skull by the theists.

2. the corporate aspect:
    A. The holiday does nothing anymore but encourage you to shop and buy buy buy and spend every dime you have on people who won’t appreciate it or remember what you got them (unless it’s REALLY good).  These days I ask for nothing, and when they won’t comply (they seriously won’t comply) I ask for money because at least then I can use it for something I really want then get something I’ll hate and find fault with.  They still get nothing, and maybe one day they’ll stop giving and I can be truly happy.  I hate mandatory gift giving and would rather get something home made and random if anything, not because a holiday requires it and a store offers it.

    B. Shopping for the holiday now starts in August, which you can imagine how annoying that gets.  Still the advertisements are at least reasonable until November.

    C. The spirit of giving is crap, what are you a communist?  You give to charity, you give because you’re told to, hell you even give because you HAVE to in taxes.  No one saves any money and therefore everyone goes broke.  People go into debt over this holiday and THAT ruins lives, just so they seem like good friends/relatives or to keep up with the Joneses.

    D. I don’t need a stupid holiday to show someone I care about them.  If I care I’ll buy them dinner or get them something at random if and when I think of it.  The people I care about already know I care about them and that’s what counts the most.

So to sum it all up, not everyone believes what they do, so they need stop shoving it in everyones face because it’s all just a bunch of humbug.

(I will say however it’s pretty awesome that I get the Grinch’s theme song as my ring tone on my friend’s phone, that was neat and really thoughtful on his part and better than any actual gift to me).

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  1. Stop complaining about Christmas, it barely has anything to do with Jesus anymore anyway. >_>

    Also, happy winter solstice? You actually expect people to get that?

  2. so totaly agree with this and easter too i always tell people on easter well jebus died on friday and came back three days later as a egg laying rabbit wtf? i tell people on liesmas hapy kwanza or hanaka i just say the excat opposite of their make believe god well happy winter solstice

  3. Christmas isnt really religious at my place anymore, its more tradition, we get a christmas tree and such, only because its quite pretty and they smell good, sets the season. But we dont put up a nativity scene thingy or light jesus candles. I just love the way the tree smells and looks as I set it ablaze with little LED lights and some shiny objects I made out of aluminum foil and AOL CDs. No jesus or santa here. Id like to do it year round, but its kinda akward to have a 6ft tree growing in your living room leaving little pointy bits all over the floor.

  4. Very simple way to deal.

    Them: “Merry Christmas!”

    Me: “Sorry, I’m not into superstition.”

    It’s led to many a fine conversation with cab drivers, retail clerks, and others who feel compelled to remark on the holiday but don’t really buy into it.

    Another favorite of mine is to give people a rundown on the original Roman Saturnalia festivals, later co-opted by the Catholics.

  5. FIRST of all, Christians do NOT equate Santa to God. Santa is just an icon. A symbol of the holiday. I don’t know what Christians told you that, but THEY are wrong. So what are you going to say next? That the Easter bunny is equated to Jesus rising from the dead? What is wrong with you people? YES, I said YOU people. How can you call yourself a ministry? What are you trying to minister? How can you can yourself a church? How can you have a picture that says “HOPE ” on your homepage and all your doing is bashing the Christians? You SERIOUSLY need to get your facts right. All you’re doing is spreading hate, as I see it. No, I do not know you personally, nor am I claiming to be doing so. But you are obviously very lost and have NO clue what you’re trying to accomplish as a minister. Hypocracy. That’s what this is. I am not judging. I am TELLING based on what I see here on your site. An atheist church? What are you gonna try and create next? A cold fire? Impossible. You are so, so sad. And I pray that some day you will learn the truth about Jesus. God is the only thing that never changes in the world. And THAT is the truth, whether you believe it or not.

  6. Well Myles, you aren’t doing much better than the hating atheists. I consider myself to be an atheist. I celebrate Christmas (because I love the idea of Santa Claus). I do not consider myself to think the same way that all atheists think- in hating those who are religious. One of my closest friends is a Christian missionary, and I’m very proud of her for doing what she believes in!

    The reason for the Atheist church is because atheists believe in marriage just as much is religious folk do. I have been married for a little over a year, and just because I am not religious it shouldn’t mean that I cannot enjoy love, commitment, and family just as much as you. I should also be able to help other couples have this joy of marriage as much as I have. The Atheist Church is a loophole… nothing more. Don’t read into it.

    The original poster is a grudge-holding grump however. I love Christmas!!!

  7. Uh… “Easter” was the original name of the PAGAN FERTILITY GODDESS Aestor and the rabbit and eggs were her symbols. How’s that for getting the facts straight?

  8. BTW, an Atheist Church is no more ridiculous than, say, a “non-donominational Christian” Church. It still means, in principle, you are part of a denomination!
    That, and the term “Christian Science”… makes me shudder…

  9. BTW, an Atheist Church is no more ridiculous than, say, a “non-denominational Christian” Church. It still means, in principle, you are part of a denomination!
    That, and the term “Christian Science”… makes me shudder…

  10. ≈ FAMILY DAY ≈

    Here is my concept of a celebration to replace the traditional December 25th, to be known henceforth as Family Day. The day when families come together, if they can, to renew and strengthen family ties; remember those who have died; and celebrate those who were born.

    1 THE TREE the old tree given new meaning as The Family Tree. It will be decorated with love knots (bows) to represent family love; large shining glass balls to represent the fragility of family relationships and the need to respect each other; and strings of tiny glass balls to represent absent family the world over.

    2 THE CAKE the old cake becomes The Family Cake. A rich fruit cake, or family favourite, but baked in a ring or bundt tin to represent the family circle, with a nut and glacé fruit topping to represent the diversity of family members.

    3 THE PUDDING the Traditional Pudding containing a ‘token’ for each person, who shows their token and makes a simple spoken wish, which the others present promise to try to make come true in the coming year.

    4 THE STOCKING to remind us to ‘walk in other people’s shoes’

    5 THE ADVENT CALENDAR: becomes The Family Calendar with windows to open which reveal family photos, names, and notes for the year; including the new born and deaths.

    6 THE MEAL: a medley meal of Favourite Dishes chosen by each family member – even if it does mean potatoes done three different ways!

    The whole family can share in these preparations throughout the year.

    Isn’t this more meaningful than a
    X-tian Christmas?

    Written and submitted by Sue Cauty (Rev Susan Mounter) who is English, born in Britain, holds both British and Fiji citizenship and lives in Fiji. Feel free to use this idea, but please give me credit.

  11. I am a beliver in Christ. It amazes me how you people do not belive in a god. Our univrese is to vast and great just to say it created itself on its own. It stupid to say that every person that has died has died in vain. We are here for a very short time. And to say there is nothing after this life is absurb. I know for a fact that every child that has died has a place with god. However, for us adult things are diffrent since we live in sin. The greatest sin known to man is the denial of Christ and his purpose. One day I really belive we will be judged for the things we did do when asked upon. Life is a borrwed life and it is not give. Jesus said “any of you who denies the father denies the christ, and any who deny the christ denies god”
    I did not belive until i dreamed him and gave me visions it ur turn to see him and some will some wont best of luck the greatest lie given to man is that “satan doesent no exist”

  12. I do feel Christimas today is not celebrated for what it should be. I am beliver in Christ in God. Like I said I did not belive at one time until I was showed things in dreams and visons. The problem with society is that they exepct Christ to do everything. He gave us the choice to choose in beliveng in him or not. Christ is not froced upon us by anyone or anything.If mnay of you studied the bible you know that all prophesies are being forfullied. Christ did say in his last days on earth. “The love of many will grow cold” Some will come in my name as say I am the Christ” There were be wars and rumors of wars” There shall be earthquakes in diver places” Many will no longer belive in whom was crucified and yet ressurected. “But the end is not yet to come” But do not be troubled for these are the begginings of sorrow” But only when everyone man, women, and child is presched the gospel they you shall see the son of god descending with a shout” Do you all not understand that athiesim, chruch of scientology, islam, and pagen religons are part of these prohcey. It is said any man that sayeth that a god does not exsit is a fool. We are not just mere rocks who lay upon the earth we are beings of a higher power. Folks, I think many of your are going to be in for a shoking moment when judgemnt cometh unto us. The lord did say many shall be weeping in heaven during judgement. He shall judge all small and great. The best thing though is the promise to be with our loved ones who died to young to understand the gospel and those who died as adults but belived in the salvation that was given unto us Christ our lord.

  13. Many of you all athiest are fearful of the next life and the judgemnt that might await you. I feel athiesm is an escape and denial from the truth.Our world and humanism was not just created out of mere luck many of you all know that. The body is such a complex machine to say there is no creator. The earth is mindboggling to say it has no creator. The Universise is so vast and great it is impossbile to say it was created withink it self. A child is born from a mothers womb and it has life. So like every child that is born we also had a beggining and an end. Moses told god once who are you he said “I am” That is what god it I am the beggining and the end the alpha and omega. I am not a religouse man but i am a beliver in god and fear him more than satan. He conquers all that is evil but will judge those harshly that might unholy, unbeliver, ungodly, worhipers of false gods, deniers of the truth, > however, he did say many will suffer in his name. however, the greatest thing Christ said is that the suffering of this present time are not worthy to be compared with the glory which shall be reveled to us Romans 8:18 AWSOMEEEEEEEEE

  14. This comment is directed at everyone who wants to bash people.

    Myles: You want to get on people for knocking your religion yet all you want to do is knock there beliefs. Do you not understand that christian religion is losing strength everyday and more people are becoming non-belivers.
    I was raised a christian and I decided that I didn’t want to waste my time beleiving in false hopes. I am married to a christian and we have an understanding don’t talk about religion or lack there of.

    If you read anything about the history of religion you will see that most holidays are borrowed from religions of the past. So if you think that christmas is a special to christianity you are crazy. If you haven’t done the research then don’t try to argue your point.

  15. Jesus Orta please don’t quote that you know for a fact they have a place with god. If that is how you feel then you affirm how crazy you and religion are.

  16. I don’t believe in god but Christmas doesn’t offend me. I agree with Garry that its tradition.

    Having a private saying to replace “Merry Christmas” is just more trouble than it’s worth. It’s just going to start a discussion and I have no interest is spending time trying to argue my opinion with someone who doesn’t know me and most likely isn’t going to listen.

    As for Jesus Orta. What kinda prick goes on a forum for Atheism and Spouts several paragraphs about how God is real because he can’t picture a world without him. Here’s a thought, we don’t know how the world was created. All that there is are theories and their not very good ones. It doesn’t make a differance and it’s probably above my head anyway. I got more important shit to worry about. I don’t go on a Christian page and bash God. Have some respect!

  17. I find that it’s perfectly fine to celebrate Christmas. Even though I’m young, I know I want children when I get older and I don’t want them to feel left out while all the other children sit around their trees and recieve gifts and such. I thought about the fact that we could band together and create our own traditions, but that is obviously not going to happen seeing as we can barely work together in the first lace for anything.

    I say “why fix what isn’t broken?” There’s no problem with taking a little time out of your year to care. Why should we completely
    isolate ourselves just because of out beliefs? Especially if it’s already being done to us by others.

    There are plenty of other religions who have adopted the “Christmas” tradition, I even know Jews who do it!

    So instead of acting like a bunch of whiny idiots, lets kick back and just leave the inevitable as is! Have a little fun once or twice a year if just that!

    Oh,yeah, Jesus Orta is insecure. Don’t feel threatened buddy, your ruthless religion still has it’s strangle hold on the development of society so don’t fret your little head about it. 🙂

  18. Sorry but first of all;
    This is an atheist church forum, if you tell us that you believe in your god because he gave you visions we are only going to suggest you see a psychiatrist.
    As for being fearful and in denial, I think you may be projecting your own fears of existence here and maybe a psycologist can help you. I as a Minister of the First Church of Atheisim, I speak on behalf of athiests when I say I am in no fear of jusgement, (except by current my peers, and then only barely), and do not need escape from truth as I happily except it into my life.

    Back to the real disscussion, xmas;
    I love and hate christmas, but i think it is more and more becoming a traditional holiday rather than religious. I think most people have had to many fun happy and maybe even unhappy christmas experiences to discount the tradtion of xmas because of its link to religion.
    Alot of relgions celebrate halloween with no quams about its pagan past.
    I also don’t think there is any purpose in ‘unbible bashing’ and trying to preach athiest beliefs onto merry christians as it would just bring me down to jesus orta’s level.

  19. Christmas literally means to worship Christ. Christ= Jesus Mas= To worship.
    For the non-Christian, Christmas is more of a holiday than a religious holiday. For the Christian however, the Church they attend celebrate Christmas in remembrance of Christ’s birth. I know Christ was not born on Dec. 25th. The Jews have calculated his birthday to be sometime in April, I think. I don’t know if I believe that, nor does the date matter. What matters is scripture of several different faiths, Muslim, Jewish, Catholic ect.. record that Jesus existed.

    Wow! I agree with Myles and Jesus Orta. Although I would tell them that they cannot preach the Word to those who will not hear. Jesus said “Don’t cast your pearls before swine”. This was said in response to those who rejected his message.
    Those who reject Christ and do not have faith in His message, will never have God revealed to them. Jesus exemplified this when he walked away from a town that rejected his Sermons.

    However, you call yourselves a Church of Atheism, which really is the worship of self. It is sad that you live your lives without the belief of there being nothing beyond death. I believe it presents your hearts with emptiness which I see you try fill with things like anger and hate for holidays tied to Christianity like Christmas and Easter.
    For any of you who have not yet rejected Christ, know that I do not think of myself as better than any of you. I’m as imperfect as anyone. The book of Romans is a good start, Read Romans 3:23, 3:10

  20. For the last several hundreds of years the concept of Christmas, was a Christian holiday. (but early churches did not celebrate Christmas and at times is was even illegal to do so) But since it falls on a date that was not Jesus’ birthday but was a day of celebration by many other religion, which were around way before Jesus, and with fact that Santa Clause is a secular image, I would say that Christmas is just a day for calibration. A celebration of the noble idea of giving, and caring. Christians are not the only ones that believe in those ideas. Oh for that one comment on and atheist heart being empty. Mine is not as long as I can learn new ideas, read about the world and loving my wife and kids, and my heart is not angry and Christians, as long as they don’t force their ideas on me.

  21. First of all, the easiest solution to the “Merry Christmas” phrase is, “Happy Holiday”, covers everybody!

    Next, if people want to believe something that doesnt seem rational,
    Let Them! If everyone would give everybody else the same choice that
    “God” in the “Good Book” gives, maybe we could all get along. Namely FREE CHOICE! Jesus exemplified this when he walked away from a town that rejected his Sermons. He gave them the choice to not listen. I see the major problem in the world today as all the different Religions at war with each other, trying to get rid of each other for different view points. crazy stuff.

    Oh, Jesus, pronounced ( hey suess ) Orta, Proof is in the pudding, in other words proof is not something written in a book hundreds of years ago, by hundreds of different people most of whom were not even alive when the things they wrote about, were supposed to have happened. That is called story telling! I think most of those stories are “based” on something that happened at the time that could not be explained, due to lack of true knowledge, Just remember, dont believe most of what you hear, and only 1/2 of what you read.

    Almost all of the current secular holidays came after the pagan holidays. The church purposely put them on the same dates so as to make it easier for thier believers to switch over from one celebration to the “right” purpose for the celebration, even if the dates didnt make sense.

    As for the fruit cake, my grannies was the best, she used real rum!

  22. OK. How about we take a more ‘humanistic’ approach – Chrismas for the greater good of mankind. In the UK, hardly anybody is Christian anymore. Although most still have Christian values – like no killing, stealing, helping others etc!! Everyone celebrates Christmas. It’s good for the individual, families and the community (In most cases). It brings you closer to your loved ones, your neighbours and the community. The poor benefit in the area because people feel the need to help around christmas. It is proven to be healthy if you have a close network of support around you, and christmas celebates this and encourages this. Yes, people spend too much and eat too much, another problem for another day. But that aside, Chrismas is good. We need to bring it into the 21st Century and realise its value and enjoy your holiday. Stop moaning people… lol

    Looking forward to what you have to say 🙂

  23. The Christmas Holiday has become just a day in which all in a family & friends can get together in love and companionship. Christmas never has been a religious holiday during my 57 years and stays the same in my home. My three adult children do not view it as religious. We do not view Santa as being connected to Jesus, in fact, the present day Santa has never been connected to Jesus except on the religious channels of cable TV.

    Like I did and my three children did, my 8 yr old grandson believes in Santa. There is no religious connection in any of our homes, we just like how this time of year is the time of year in which most people throughout most of the world celebrate life and the comming New Year.

    Christmas is a time mostly for the enjoyment of the children who receives gifts from parents, grandparents, other relatives and, magically, from Santa.

    There is no logical reason for any one to be upset by Christmas because it is only the churchs and the ever decreasing religious believers who view it as religious. Beside that, why get mad because someone says Merry Christmas or Happy Honaka or Happy Kwanza or whatever – they are just wishing the best for you and your loved ones. Simply say, Thank you, and smile.

    Rev. Guy Salsburg, First Church of Atheistism

  24. Oh dear, much as I hate and despise christmas as you do, I take it with a pinch of salt and just relax with family and friends after the mayhem of the preparations. However, I glorify in informing friends and neighbours that it is an ancient mid-winter festival stolen by the christians for their own purposes. It’s nothing but a capitalist con trick these days and an excuse for a good party, but to put a seed of doubt into (non-practising) christians’ minds is a good tonic to go with your whisky.

  25. In my house we call Christmas, Present day. Its much simpler and I like to think the day is more for showing your love and caring for family and friends. My brothers family on the other hand, is a different story. When he was younger, his dad and step mom were alcoholics and spent thier money gambiling and drinking, and had no money for presents for their kids. So, instead they would by a 5$ birthday cake for Jesus and celebrate a fake birthday. to me this is punishment for kids. what were they supposed to say when their friends asked what they got for christmas?

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