We took the plunge and built a church over in Second Life. It’s small but nice, with a modern feel about it. Details on how to find us at the bottom of this article.

For those who don’t know. Second Life is a thriving online simulated world. Complete with land ownership, currency, creation/purchase/sale of objects, and of course interaction with other live online people. Millions of people and organizations have established themselves on Second Life, some sell real world or in game objects to make an actual living! You should check it out.

While playing is free, to buy land in SL costs money, real money. Objects and buildings cost money, too. Obviously we can’t afford some big sprawling estate, but we did get a nice piece of land, in a beautiful area, with a very sleek little building for our church. There is a limit on the number of objects (buildings included) a given size property can hold, so the small building actually works out great.

So come check us out! There is a globe on our reception desk that you can click to instant message with me even if we’re not on SL at the time! Give me some ideas for improvements. Join our group, if you’re an ordained minister here, send me a message when you join the group and I’ll upgrade your level in the group from Member to Minister. you get a few extra privileges, like sending group notices, etc.

How to find us:
My Name: Reverend Baxton
Land: First Church of Atheism
Location: Dowden (193,97,64)
Group: First Church of Atheism