I was asked a while back what I would say at an atheist wedding and at the time I didn’t really know what to say. I was pondering the other day about exactly how I would go about performing an atheist wedding. What would I say? My wife and I had written our own vows for our wedding and I don’t really know what a normal wedding is like. Then it dawned on me that I don’t need to say or do anything. Why should I? My wife and I knew exactly what to say to each other when we got married. What’s the point of repeating after someone? We didn’t need anyone to tell us what marriage meant. No one needed to tell us that we would love each other for the rest of our lives. The couple love each other. They don’t need me to do anything for them but make it legal. And why can’t they just stand before everyone by themselves without some central figure taking attention away from them on their special day? It’s all about them and their love for each other. They can express their love for each other and their commitment to each other just fine by themselves. They don’t need anyone telling them what marriage means or how much they love each other. They don’t need to repeat after me that they’ll honor and cherish each other. No this is their day all about them and their love for each other. They do not need a go between for a higher power. There is nothing I can add to what they already have.